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Burning Boots
slide-collage C-prints (2001-2003)

Burning Boots, Nippes (2001) and Burning Boots, Zagreb (2001) are studies created during the planning phase for the video production. The 5th Amen, Sing-along (I & II) and Glory Flakes belong to a series of images created early in 2003 which investigate a variety of mythological origins in American society and their current relevance, or irrelevance, to the emerging needs of western civilization. The setting of these compositions is the Medicine Bow Mountains near Laramie in southeastern Wyoming. These mountains, as their name reflects, were sacred to the Plains Native Americans who lived there prior to their removal. The slide-collage technique, cutting slides of different places and events to create new compositions using paper staples as a binder, is an important integral part of these works.

Sing-along I & II, 2003

The works from the BOOTS SERIES 2001-2005 are specific examples of an effort to clarify the interrelationship between humanity, art and society. As such they confront the position of the individual amidst competing power structures, depicting the struggle between a poetic and a statistical existence.

- Eternal Flame, interactive installation

- Burning Boots, video

- Bach Backwards, DV-installation

David Smithson 2001-2015